Prints Available!

I am making prints today. 
My workshop smells like archival inks. 
I love it. 

If you would like prints of my illustration,
please email me from my website. 

I cam make prints from any of my illustrations. 
Hit me up! 

Thank you so much for your supportπŸ™♡



My Dream Crafty Corner

When I am down, I have a place to go. 
My dream crafty corner it is!



School Visit (May 2018) video


Spring is here!!

 Hello Spring!! 

🌷🌷🌷 🌷🌷🌷 🌷🌷🌷

peace for the world



 I had to escape in drawing the details.

I hope these sunset, the colorful rugs and ornaments,

quilts, animals and flowers will help to ease

the anxiety and sadness the world is feeling today,

even a little bit. I am praying, praying for peace.

Love & Peace

Artists Collabo

Lately I am working with a New York City 
based jazz pianist Eiko @eikoluu (IG)

These are two of our new Lofi video clip projects.


Happy New Year!! 2022

My 2022 started very quietly in quarantine. 
Lots of readings and it reminded me of my dad 
who read me many books when I was little. 

He is not on Earth anymore, but you know what? 
I can see him whenever I open the books we shared. 

Happy New Year!!

May the New Year bless you 
with health, happiness, 
and lot's of magic!! 


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