Singing Girl

Working on a new book, which is about songs.
Coming soon!


Giant Jigsaw Puzzle @ Natori

Kids are playing with the giant Red Knit Cap Girl Jigsaw Puzzle!!
Hurry! You can still try the puzzle at Natori!!


April Shower

will bring more of these lovely in May! 
Can't wait to explore the rose garden 
in Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


The Limited Edition Poster from 2011

A friend of Red Knit Cap Girl found one of the 100 posters
 which was printed back in 2011 by Little, Brown just before 
the first book from the series "Red Knit Cap Girl" was released.

It was at a public library in Rye, New York. 
How lovely they framed the poster!! 
Thank you so much for sharing the photos :)

(Photo credit: Emiko. S)



Work in Progress...

I am working on a new book.
It's going to be a crafty winter in my studio.
I hope my heating system will keep working
through the winter this year (crossing my fingers),
so I will have a warm and cozy room 
with a cup of hot chocolate aside :)