Funny Bunny Hat making video

You can see how I make the hat in 23 seconds here!
Quick, easy and fun!


Free Little Library Campaign

This is a lovely photo from the contest.
Join us. Win a signed book! It's easy and fun!

1. Make a Funny Bunny Hat

2. Find a Little Free Library near you

3. Take a photo of you wearing the Funny Bunny Hat next to a Little Free Library

4. Post the photo to Little Free Library’s Facebook wall with the hashtag #redknitcap


New Bookmarks!

New Bookmarks just arrived!! 

I will include this bookmark in each Etsy order.
Enjoy reading!! 




"The Fog Has Lifted"

 from my latest paintings.


Brooklyn Book Festival 2014

First time reading to a big crowd!
Thank you those who joined my book reading today.
It was absolutely fun event with you all.
Thank you, BKBF 2014 for having me today.
Thank you, Bankstreet Bookstore, for hosting my books.
And thank you, Little, Brown for helping me present.

I had a great time.


Campaign with Little Free Library

(photo from Little Free Library

So much fun! 
The campaign with Little Free Library is on!! 
Make a Funny Bunny Hat, take your wacky photo 
next to your neighborhood Little Free Library, 
and win an autographed copy of my new book,
 "Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree" 

Campaign info: Little Free Library blog
Find a Little Free Library near you!

You can download "How To Make Funny Bunny Hat" here

Please spread, and enjoy!!

 (photo credit: k. Benshoff )


Book Birthday!!

Happy Book Birthday!!
Today it's officially out in book stores.
I hope you will enjoy the third adventure of Red Knit Cap Girl.