Thank you!

My last show in 2015 was sold out! 
Thank you!


Polar Bears

More Polar Bears this winter


Children's Book Fair at Brooklyn Museum

Origaming at Brooklyn Museum of Art
at their annual Children's Book Fair 
last weekend. 

I met Mila, Asia, Amelie, Miles, Rosa, EllaMei, 
Akari, Emerson, Madison, Emmalina, Sage, 
Fiona, Eleanor, Nora, Olivia, Savanah, 
... and many more!! 

Thank you for stopping by my Origami demo. 



This one is up for a secret show at a beautiful villa 
in Newport Coast, CA, next Tuesday the 17th.
It will be a lovely evening!
For more information about the show, 
please contact hello@swoongallery.com


Penguins on Eggs

Having fun with a penguin couple on their eggs.


Brown Bear

Brown Bear Dad and Brown Bear Cub
take a walk in the clear September morning. 

Original artwork is available on Easy