Work in Progress...

I am working on a new book.
It's going to be a crafty winter in my studio.
I hope my heating system will keep working
through the winter this year (crossing my fingers),
so I will have a warm and cozy room 
with a cup of hot chocolate aside :)


Red Knit Cap Girl from Canada!!

I can't believe there is a cutest 
Red Knit Cap Girl in Canada!!
It's definitely one of the best Halloween 
costumes I have ever seen!! 
Thank you for sharing this lovely photo!!
I am delighted!! :)


The Brooklyn Museum Children's Book Fair

Yesterday, I met so many little friends at 
the Brooklyn Museum Children's Book Fair!! 

Lia, Andrea, Symphony, Julianne, 
Sarah, Aaron, Laura, Amy,  Rebecca,
Juni, Hazel, Sayuri, chloe,

....and many many more!!

Thank you for the wonderful day : )


Limited Holiday Special!!

Limited Holiday Special Set!!

One signed hardcover copy of "Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree"
One 8.5"x8.5" print of your choice
One blank notecard
One bookmark

On my Etsy Shop!!
It's limited for the first 20 people.


Brooklyn Museum Children's Book Fair 2014

This Saturday is the Eighth annual Children's 
Book Fair at Brooklyn Museum!
I've enjoyed this event soooo much past two years.

What a huge honor that they used images from
Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree 
on the publicity for this event!
I am thrilled!!

There will be story times by many great artists and authors.
Please stop by!!

(more info)


Readng at Kinokuniya Bookstore, NY

Reading at Kinokuniya Bookstore was a great fun!!
This time, I presented with Isabel from Library for All.
Their activity "to share books with children in other countries 
where people don't have easy access to many books"and 
my latest book Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree's message: 
a sense of community and sharing, worked very well together. 

Also, I invited Hong and Erika from Origami Therapy Association.
They use origami as a therapeutic method 
which is easy to start for anyone in any age group.

 Origami Therapy Association

I had a lovely time with everyone there!! 

 Thank you, everyone for coming to the event yesterday, and
special thanks to John at Kinokuniya, who arranged this event.

Kinokuniya Bookstore has been one of my favorite places in 
NY as well as in Tokyo. It has been always my escape and fantasy. 
I don't know how many hours I spent there, standing and reading 
interesting books throughout my entire life! 
(And I don't know how much money I spent there, either!)

Photo credit: E. Shirakawa