Now Available in Turkish

"Red Knit Cap Girl"
"Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree"

are now available in Turkish language!

(photo by Beyaz Balina Yayinlari) 

So happy to see my girl travels over the world :) 
Go girls go!! 


Love and Bananas

I love elephants ♡

I painted this after I watched a documentary movie 
"Love and Bananas" by Ashley Bell

Hoping more elephants get to live in peace


SHINE! Themed Nursery

Megan recently designed the picture book SHINE! 
(written by Patric MacDonnell, illustration by Naoko Stoop)
themed nursery for her soon-to-be-born baby girl. 
How fun!
I love the coral walls and ocean blue curtains 
with shell white furniture:) 

 Whimsical sea creatures here and there. 

Photos by Megan Isenberg Photography
Her Facebook page is here

The main character in the book, Hoshi the starfish will be 
very happy and shining in the nursery :)   

Thank you, Megan! 


Kitty Rescue

Hey wait! 

Hurry up!

Thanks Tiger! 


I've got you!! 

Happy End :) 


New Painting Knitting 2018

New painting "Knitting 2018" is available.

If you are interested in, PM me to my Facebook page 
Naoko Stoop Illustration :) 

approx dimention: 4.5" x 9.5" x3/4"

Thank you!!


Poppi Loves from Santoro London

My desk work is a lot more fun with Poppi

And if you go out with the animals friends bags, 
it would be more fun!!

(photo by Cartolibreria Adriatica)


Big Tree Library, Little Tree Library

was featured on Princeton University’s creative literacy blog, 
Pop Goes the Page. 
How lovely!!

Thank you, VIvian and Dr. Dana!!