New Book!

"Sun and Moon have a tea party"

It's the book birthday!! 


Sun and Moon see the world very differently. 
Sun thinks that children go to school, 
but Moon is sure that children go to sleep. 
Sun thinks that birds fly high in the sky, 
but Moon says that birds snuggle in their nests.

So who's right? 

It's the story about how to understand 
someone else's point of view.

(My friend Kai, reading the book) 

Hope you enjoy!!


Healing the Earth

"We are children of the Earth and not separate
from the soil, the forests, the rivers, and the sky.
We share the same destiny." -Thich Nhat Hanh.


Artwork "Summer Dream" by Naoko Stoop


Summer Readings

It's been a lot of time spending in the park
during this pandemic.
I am making summer reading list today.
Hope the libraries and book stores 
will be open soon...



Japanese Calligraphy Meditation

Sometimes I want to drop everything in my hands,
sit still and practice traditional Japanese calligraphy.
It cleans up my scattered thoughts and empties my head.




Beau and Ginger

Beau and Ginger from Texas

Beau with his portrait :) 

Looking for a gift for dog owners?
Please check out my "Furry Friends Portrait"


First YouTube post!

I visit school in greater New York area normally for book readings. But sometimes other activity comes up and I try new. This was one of those experiences. I was invited to participate in an interesting after school art program.  I had so much fun with the director Catherine Shaw from Shadow Box Theater,  her students (3rd graders at PS120) and their parents. I made a short video clip of the precious experience with them to share. Sorry, I don't have  good skill to edit the video. But I hope you get a bit of feeling and enjoy it :) Thank you for watching! 

After School Program
Puppet Show
"Red Knit Cap Girl"

I miss little ones  I have met in class rooms through my book activities, each of them!! 
I hope all are staying safe and healthy!! 

Thank you 💕🙏


Earth Day 50

We appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature
now more than ever.

We've learned
and we will do better.

More Love
Less Fear

Happy Earth Day 50!!

It's the New Beginning!!