In New York City. 
I see a wide diversity. 
I am so used to be in this great mix that 
I can't imagine any of them missing. 
We are all different and that's we are. 


Written by Yumi Heo



My Favorite Spot

 I have a special spot to read, draw and nap.


One day, we will hug again

It will happen. 
It will happen for sure. 
Hang in there, friends.




The Beginning of New Era

In pandemic, we were forced to change the way we live. 

It has been challenging, 
but it gave me a new perspective, 
which led me to happy encounters.

After lots of time spending in nature 
either by wandering around, watching butterflies, 
or reading books, 
my color palette has been changing. 

This is the beginning of new era.
For me, and for my art. 


Mother nature is healing us. 


New Book!

"Sun and Moon have a tea party"

It's the book birthday!! 


Sun and Moon see the world very differently. 
Sun thinks that children go to school, 
but Moon is sure that children go to sleep. 
Sun thinks that birds fly high in the sky, 
but Moon says that birds snuggle in their nests.

So who's right? 

It's the story about how to understand 
someone else's point of view.

(My friend Kai, reading the book) 

Hope you enjoy!!


Healing the Earth

"We are children of the Earth and not separate
from the soil, the forests, the rivers, and the sky.
We share the same destiny." -Thich Nhat Hanh.


Artwork "Summer Dream" by Naoko Stoop


Summer Readings

It's been a lot of time spending in the park
during this pandemic.
I am making summer reading list today.
Hope the libraries and book stores 
will be open soon...