It's pouring and chilly out side.
Yes, it's a top notch painting day!  
I turned on the heater today, and painted this. 

New print on my Etsy!  


Autumn is here

I can hear the sound of autumn...


Featured in Japanese paper

Shukan NY Seikatsu,  Page18

You can read the article here!


Funny Bunny Hat making video

You can see how I make the hat in 23 seconds here!
Quick, easy and fun!


Free Little Library Campaign

This is a lovely photo from the contest.
Join us. Win a signed book! It's easy and fun!

1. Make a Funny Bunny Hat

2. Find a Little Free Library near you

3. Take a photo of you wearing the Funny Bunny Hat next to a Little Free Library

4. Post the photo to Little Free Library’s Facebook wall with the hashtag #redknitcap


New Bookmarks!

New Bookmarks just arrived!! 

I will include this bookmark in each Etsy order.
Enjoy reading!!