Happy New Year!! 2022

My 2022 started very quietly in quarantine. 
Lots of readings and it reminded me of my dad 
who read me many books when I was little. 

He is not on Earth anymore, but you know what? 
I can see him whenever I open the books we shared. 

Happy New Year!!

May the New Year bless you 
with health, happiness, 
and lot's of magic!! 


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Winter is Here


I am waiting for the first snow. 
I think I saw flurries outside my window. 
Soon it will be a winter wonderland.

Got enough hot chocolate?
A fluffy cat?

Stay warm everyone!


Red Knit Cap Girl on the Canadian Trails!!

This is like my childhood dream came true!!

I am overwhelmingly happy to see
Red Knit Cap Girl on the Canadian trails๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you so much Clarington Public Library

I can't wait to see the hikers' photos!!

If you are a hiker, in Ontario Canada,
and happen to be a Red Knit Cap Girl fan,
here is the details of the trails!!





Book Birthday!

Today is the day!!

Happy Book Birthday to 

Every book I have worked on is special,
but this one holds extra love in my heart
as I can personally relate to the girl in the story.

written by Donna Jo Napoli
illustrated by Naoko Stoop

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Shooting Star

When did you see shooting stars last time?
I haven't seen them for a while. 
It's time to find one in night sky๐ŸŒ 

June is Father's Month

This one is for my dad who left us decades ago
and now in the sky. I only know him as a little girl.
But I still remember things he taught me while we
were hiking. He was a quiet mountain guy who
loved to be in nature. He would teach me about
wildflowers and animals.
Happy Birthday๐Ÿ’•
I miss you dad.



May Flowers

Late May is my favorite time of a year. 

soft sun and breeze
flowers everywhere

Animals look happier too